Thursday, 19 July 2018

home remedies for cold for kids

 Breast milk
Breast milk contains antibodies which make the body immune to all kinds of germs and viruses, including the cold and flu virus. Along with this, breast milk also provides hydration. This is one of the natural remedies for flu in infants.

What you can do
Breast milk can be fed to babies under 6 months will not require any other medication.

avoid drinking caffeine as it can affect the baby’s sleep.

2. Garlic and Ajwain Pouch
Garlic and ajwain are a very powerful cure for a cough and cold as they contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is one of the best herbal remedies for cold in children.

What you can do
There are 3 ingredients which are used to prepare the pouch – garlic, ajwain and a fresh clean cloth, preferably muslin. 2 garlic cloves and 1 spoon of ajwain are dry roasted. Once they cool you can make the pouch with the muslin cloth. The pouch should be placed near the baby’s cot so that the smoke emerging from within the pouch will help in providing relief to the baby. It will help clear the blockage and provide relief to the baby.

The pouch should not be kept too close to the baby. This is to keep the baby from putting the pouch inside the mouth and to avoid suffocation. As an alternate, the pouch can be rubbed under the baby’s feet which can prove to be very effective.

3. Panikoora
It relieves the infant from cold and cough as it helps to secrete sputum from the infant’s air pipe.

What you can do
Panikoora is a perennial plant which is found in the southern part of India. It has aromatic leaves, which are shrivelled on a stove top first. Once they cool off the leaves can be placed on the forehead of the baby’s. The leaves lose moisture and dry up which indicates that the water is absorbed which relieves the infant from cold and cough.

There are no known side effects while using the Panikoora plant

4. Mustard Oil Infused with Garlic and Carom Seeds for Massage
Mustard oil, garlic and ajwain have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties they have a soothing effect on the baby easing congestion.

What you can do
One fourth cup of mustard oil should be heated and then 2 garlic cloves are crushed and added to it. Once the garlic turns brown it is removed from the stove. This oil can be massaged into the baby’s chest and under the feet. You may add a little ajwain to the oil along with the garlic.

You should be cautious not to allow the baby to consume the oil, this may cause stomach problems.

5. Kesar Tilak
This will help in absorbing the water from the baby’s forehead and provide relief.

What you can do
Make a paste with saffron or kesar and apply this at the bottom of your baby’s feet and on the forehead after dark as a tilak.

Though Kesar is safe for consumption, some infants have an adverse reaction to it such as nausea, allergic reactions and headaches. Make sure that you avoid getting it in the baby’s mouth while applying.

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